What works on Facebook – 2018

In the wake of Zuckerberg’s recent announcement, many publishers are wondering what’s next for their business if they were dependent on Facebook traffic for driving revenue.

An interesting discussion on Facebook traffic just started on Reddit yesterday:

Seriously, how much of Facebook ads traffic is fake? from startups

In particular, this comment from a (claimed) big Facebook account caught our eye:

It’s certainly a good thing to try but we doubt it will be a silver bullet in all cases. Within certain niches, such as the one the poster is in, it may of course work. As for broad applicability, that would probably be hard to say. If your audience is pretty broad to begin with, a lookalike audience would be little different than broad Facebook targeting. If your audience is on the other hand very specifically defined, we don’t think there’s any guarantee that Facebook’s machine-learning algorithms would always be able to identify its defining traits such that it could replicate it exactly. People can be hard to pigeon-hole.

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