Verizon & AOL vs Facebook & Google?

Well, this piece seems to think that the Verizon and AOL combination might someday be a viable competitor to Facebook and Google which between them currently dominate online advertising:

Of course if it were possible to get anywhere close to a respectably comparable third place, that $4.4B for AOL would start to look like a bargain price. We just don’t see it happening. There is nothing in AOL’s property portfolio, or in the recently added Yahoo! network for that matter, to even begin to compare to the default traffic Facebook (+Instagram+Whatsapp) gets every day from social behavior, or that Google (+ all the websites in its AdSense network) gets every day from search and content browsing behavior.

David might have slain Goliath with a mere catapult once, but the way we see it here, he’s up against two formidable Goliaths… pretty much with bare hands. Ain’t gonna happen.

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