PopShops is gone

With little fanfare or warning, an old-time favorite of affiliate marketers everywhere, PopShops (most recently Rakuten PopShops following their acquisition by Rakuten) has disappeared. As of the end of June, it was officially sunset and its APIs stopped warning, including the venerable v2 API which had been kept functional for 2 years following its announced shutdown.

Inquiries to PopShops support were met with a message which read in-part as below:

Rakuten Marketing PopShops Products & Deals cross-network feed aggregator service for Publishers was retired on Friday, June 29th, 2018. After this date, the Products API, Coupon/Deals API, Curate for PopShops product showcase tool & any legacy, ShopBuilder and Data Feed Download (FTP) services is no longer be available. The decision to sunset this technology was not made lightly, as our service was developed in 2006 to provide our publisher partners with a business technology solution that would provide hundreds of thousands of products & deals through a single cross-network API source. Rakuten Marketing will continue to be dedicated to our Publisher partners through Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network publisher tools, product APIs, Coupon Web Services, global networking events and more.

The message goes on to list several alternative services which provide some of PopShops functionality. It looks as though the PopShops tools themselves will become internal tools of the Rakuten network (formerly LinkShare) only.


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